Planning a Fruitful Tour Before Your Trip

You go on a holiday in a country you are not familiar. You buy a day tour or half-day tour because you thought you could visit many places of attraction with the limited time you have. You happily join the tour along with many other strangers in the bus. Your tour is spoiled by the bus who shorten a stop at a place of attraction to make up for the lost time because a tourist overspent the allocated time at the previous stop. All is covered in a hurry. More often than not, the visit to the places of attraction were not interesting to you but it is all part of the tour program. The tour starts at a certain time and you adjust your schedule to accommodate it. Isn’t a holiday suppose to be care-free, time to relax, hassle-free and stress-free. If so, why waste money to buy a day tour package and regret later?

Day-tour package usually has a fixed itinerary of places to visit places of attraction and departs at a certain time of a day. Joining many others, you’d take the tour bus to various attraction places and in a hurry. With readily available information on internet and good travel advisory sites like wikitravel and tripadvisors, you can preview the places of attraction. Design your own day-tour based on your interest and the number of free hours you have. Advance book online to charter a chauffeur driven car rental service in the country of visit on your holiday. Start the day tour at your preferred time and own pace. You will enjoy it a lot more with your self-design day tour, traveling with your family or friends privately and visiting only to places that interest you, at your own pace and time. Instead of wasting time to join a long taxi-queue on your airport arrival, pre-arrange an airport transfer service on the internet, to have a private transport waiting for you on your arrival. Don’t regret. Plan ahead.

One Day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

Looking for a great activity that everyone can enjoy when visiting Grand Canyon National Park? Try a 1 day, Colorado River float tour. These trips traverse one of the most beautiful sections of the canyon and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience no other day trip can match.

These water-rafting adventures start from the South Rim, where you take a bus or an airplane to Glenn Canyon Dam in Page, AZ. The float starts at the Dam’s base and goes 15.3 miles downstream to historic Lee’s Ferry. Here you’ll pull out before the rapids start and hop a motor coach back to the National Park.

Types of Smooth Water Float Trips

The basic version comes with a bus ride to Page. The route is full of scenic gems, ranging from Desert Watchtower and the Little Colorado to the Navajo Bridge and the Painted Desert. The deluxe version comes with an airplane flight and a Jeep tour of fabulous Antelope Canyon.

Both packages require you to drive through the dam’s 2-mile access tunnel on the east side. This tunnel is spectacular and was bored prior to the dam’s construction in order to get supplies down to the base and to remove blasted rock. The pontoon rafts are docked at the base of the Dam’s 700-plus foot wall.

The Colorado River

The float takes you past incredibly orange sandstone cliffs and rock formations. The penultimate highlight is when you navigate around beautiful Horseshoe Bend. You’ll also pull out at a sandy beach and take a brief walk to view ancient Indian rock art, or petroglyphs. It’s around here that the presence of wildlife increases.

The terrain changes as you near Lee’s Ferry, which is also known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. The landmark was named after a pioneer named John D. Lee, who was commissioned by the Mormon Church to operate a ferry that would get missionaries across the river. The ferry became obsolete in the early 1900’s with the construction of Navajo Bridge.

Lee’s Ferry

From Glenn Canyon to Lee’s Ferry, the water is smooth and refreshing. There’s not a trace of whitewater (a.k.a. rapids). This changes after Lee’s Ferry, where the “real” river picks up its head of steam and breaks into roaring, churning waves of water.

These one-day float tours are ideal for travelers of all ages. Kids four years of age and older can do it, as can fit seniors. Teens and twenty-somethings will also enjoy this trip.

Departure Time

This trip leaves in the morning around 6:30 a.m. and will take a full day. Trips are seasonal and run from March to November. I recommend that you book in advance as seats fill quickly. Use the Internet to find and book the best deals.

These water-rafting trips are all-inclusive and come with all equipment, boat, guide, ground transportation and a box lunch. Complimentary shuttle service is only available for the bus package. Those choosing the airplane bundle must self-drive to Grand Canyon Airport, which is only 5 minutes from the National Park.

Things to Bring

The bottom of the canyon is hotter than the top. I suggest you pack the following:

Sun block
Extra set of dry clothes
River sandals
Light long-sleeved shirt

Let’s Go Rafting

One-day Grand Canyon rafting tours are an excellent way to enjoy your canyon visit. The part of the Colorado River that you float is pristine and beautiful. Even the encounter with Glenn Canyon Dam is fascinating. There are no rapids on these tours so it’s fun for the whole family, too. If it’s fun and excitement you’re looking for, definitely add a float trip to your list of must-do’s.

Las Vegas Tours – The Many Different Kinds of Las Vegas Tours

Las Vegas is a fantastic place to visit for gambling, site seeing, entertainment and more. With so many things to do here though, it would be logical to assume that there are different Las Vegas tours for different events. There are several accommodations to fit your trip goals, whether those happen to be to explore downtown Vegas or see the nature on the outskirts. Here we will explore a few of your options so you can plan your next trip accordingly.

You can always take a helicopter tour of Vegas, which will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole place. The only problem with that is you don’t actually get to touch any of the places you see. You just pass by them. If you have a fear of flying, you obviously need to look into some other kinds of Las Vegas tours. If, however, you want a quick view of all this place has to offer, nothing could be better. You won’t be able to take a lot of people up with you, so just be sure you plan around the amount of people you want on the tour.

Bus Las Vegas tours are great because they allow you to see the Grand Canyon and take as many pictures as you want. Your bus can pick you up right from your hotel and then whisk you off to your destination. This is a great option if you have a large family because the bus can accommodate a big group with little trouble. You can all go out to the Grand Canyon, take pictures, play bus games, and have all the fun you want in Vegas. This is also an affordable option that will be far less expensive than other routes you may look into.

You could always go for something a bit more adventurous, like some of the water based Las Vegas, Nevada tours out there. You could go on a river raft, jet ski, or regular boat tour all along the Colorado River. You could also go horseback riding through the Grand Canyon, or you could take an off road vehicle and go exploring in any direction. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure around the area here, and you can find them in packages to save you money. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, you might as well plan it the right way. Book your tour today.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours for the Las Vegas Traveler

Many consider the Grand Canyon to be the most spectacular of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, so it’s not surprising that it attracts millions of visitors every year. Impressively, those visitors come from all over the planet. Many are also visiting Las Vegas, and the majority of those travelers arrive at the Grand Canyon by taking one of the many bus tours that leave from the city.

Luxury motor coach tours out of Las Vegas transport visitors to the National Park’s West Rim or South Rim, but they also offer several affordable side trips. For example, a West Rim Grand Canyon bus tour can be enhanced by adding a rafting trip down the Colorado River, a helicopter flight to the canyon floor, or a visit to the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk. For a South Rim bus trip, you can add a helicopter flight to the North Rim and back, across Dragoon Corridor.

Grand Canyon bus trips make getting there half the fun of visiting the canyon. Your motor coach to the Grand Canyon will take you along the sparkling shores of Lake Mead. You’ll then descend into Black Canyon and take the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge to cross over the mighty Colorado River. On the drive back to Las Vegas, just about every canyon bus tour makes a stop at the Arizona side of the bridge. Tour operators know their passengers will want to photograph Hoover Dam.

Your tour bus will pass through a series of deep mountain valleys before it descends into the Mojave Desert. West Rim tours take a dirt road through a forest of ancient Joshua Trees. South Rim tours carry on to Kingman, Arizona. From there, they head west to Grand Canyon National Park. Most of the road parallels fabled Route 66.

The Native American Hualapai tribe owns Grand Canyon West, where you’ll leave your bus and start exploring the rim. Eagle Point and Guano Point are two of the best-known canyon lookout points, but you’ll also want to see the Indian Cultural Center and Hualapai Ranch. If you’re interested in experiencing the Skywalk, I urge you to add that package to your bus tour when you book – it will be cheaper that way.

That’s also true for the helicopter flight you can add to a South Rim bus tour. You’ll pay more for it at the canyon than you would if you book it ahead. This chopper trip is well worth every penny, though. It leaves from the National Park Airport and takes you to the North Rim and back by flying over the canyon’s deepest section. The aerial views of Dragoon Corridor, the Colorado River and Grand Canyon Village are absolutely magnificent!

The sleek, luxurious motor coaches used for canyon bus trips offer on-board restrooms, personal air conditioning units, DVD players, plasma TVs, window shades and dining trays. Your driver will be completely familiar with the canyon and the passing landscape, and you’ll be treated to an IMAX-type movie about Grand Canyon history.

There’s a Grand Canyon bus trip for everyone, no matter what type you prefer. Several different packages are available. A basic tour will take you to the main gates, but add-ons include helicopter flights, rafting trips and Skywalk tickets. Bus tours also include complementary hotel shuttle service and free lunch. These tours sell out quickly, so don’t delay. Make your online booking arrangements now to ensure that your group gets the best seats!

Grand Canyon Bus Tours Are Comfortable and Full of Great Memories

We all know Las Vegas is world-famous for its casinos, hotels, shows, fine dining and other attractions. But not everyone visiting Las Vegas takes the time to leave the city and see some of the area’s truly spectacular sights. They’re missing out.

The Grand Canyon is fairly close to Las Vegas and it’s a magnificent place. Grand Canyon guided bus trips are a great value, and they’re extremely popular with large groups and people with limited budgets. And, on a bus trip you get to see areas of the National Park that you won’t see if you’re on a helicopter or plane tour.

If you want to see as much of the area as possible, you really should choose a Grand Canyon bus tour. The route a bus tour takes passes close to many of the area’s spectacular landmarks and other attractions. You’ll see many of these sights at close range, not from high up in the air, as you would during a helicopter or plane tour.

The motor coaches used for Grand Canyon bus tours are comfortable, and you can choose the size of your bus based on your individual needs. Whether you’re traveling with your family or with a small group of friends who are seeking adventure and some spectacular sightseeing, a bus tour will be a wonderful experience. Bus tour organizers will even plan something special if you mention your particular needs in advance.

People who are visiting Las Vegas or the surrounding area stay in a variety of locations. Whether you’re staying in a Vegas hotel or an area vacation rental home, you can arrange a tour package that includes door-to-door service, picking you up and dropping you off right at your doorstep.

Many people planning a long bus trip worry about what sorts of things they should bring. This won’t be an issue if you take one of these guided Grand Canyon bus trips. A box lunch will be included in the tour’s price, and you’ll have a professional driver/guide who is familiar with all the important locations you might want to visit.

You will, however, want to bring a camera. Photographs can serve as reminders of your visit to the Grand Canyon for many years into the future. You wouldn’t want to ride through this beautiful wilderness area without being able to take plenty of photos of the magnificent sights. After all, when you’re visiting the Grand Canyon you’ll be seeing things you don’t see every day!

In addition to the canyon’s rim, you’ll see plenty of other sights, including other portions of the National Park and its museums. If you want to see a variety of sights in the most cost-effective way possible, you should choose a canyon bus tour. Complete packages that offer extensive sightseeing are very popular.

The canyon’s West Rim and South Rim are the two main entry points to the National Park. Guided bus trips from Las Vegas go to both rims. The West Rim is closer to Las Vegas and the one-way drive is a little over two hours. The South Rim (located in northern Arizona) is more than 270 miles away and the bus ride is about 5 ½ hours one way (another 5 ½ hours to return to Vegas). You should take these time requirements into account when you’re deciding which bus tour you prefer.

You’ll be on vacation, and you might have other things scheduled while you’re visiting Las Vegas. Fortunately, Grand Canyon bus tours leave Las Vegas at different times throughout the day. It should be easy to book a bus tour that suits your schedule.

Travel Vacation in Hawaii by Bus

When it comes to making travel arrangements in Hawaii your best bet would be to use a booking service that will enable you to travel easily and effectively in. I have managed to find such a company that will not only give you peace of mind when booking through them, but many package options to meet all your needs, whether financially or wanting to be treated like a celebrity.

The travel vacation packages that I am recommending you look at are all six days long and available on a daily basis. This includes five night’s accommodation, round-trip airport transfers, and sightseeing transportation to Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City tour, or Maui, or big Island tour. This and more is available to you.

Each tour bus has a level 2 semi-guided tour service which will help you identify all major tourist attractions and anything in between that you would like to know. It truly does make sense for you to be making use of a service like this as it is incredibly easy to travel anywhere by bus. This is definitely the most cost-effective way to travel.

The only other thing that you would need to purchase to make use of the travel vacation package deal in Hawaii would be an airline ticket to get there. It is also recommended that you try to book in advance as it will enable you to get the best price available to you for your airline ticket, and your travel vacation package in Hawaii. The best part of this travel vacation package is really not the planning of it, but just the enjoyment and experience of it all. It really does make it easier when all your travel arrangements and everything in between are all ready organized ahead of time.

Looking for packages online will ensure your needs and expectations traveling in Hawaii are met. I highly recommend that you sign a service that will offer you complete peace of mind when booking. It also makes sense that you find out how reputable a company really is, before you book, and also do a bit of homework by seeing what previous travelers that have made use of this type of service have to say about this company.

South Rim, West Rim – Picking a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

You’ve made the decision to book a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Excellent choice. Flying the Canyon is an experience you will never forget. The next step is picking which Rim to visit. You can do this by understanding your budget, time constraints, and tour needs.

More than a million acres of land comprise Grand Canyon National Park. Helicopters are authorized to tour only the West, South, and North Rims. And only in certain flight zones. Depending on the package and Rim you choose, you will be able to access parts of the Canyon in ways that take non-flyers hours and even days to reach.

The West Rim

The West Rim is about 145 miles west of Las Vegas in Hualapai Indian territory. The flight to this part of the Canyon is 45 minutes. It’s only in the West Rim that you can book a tour that will take you to the bottom of the Canyon, whereupon you deplane, explore the chasm’s floor, marvel at the Colorado River, and toast your adventure with Champagne.

The West Rim is loaded with additional activities. The most popular is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge that forms a see-through “horseshoe” over the Canyon (no cameras allowed at this time). Other side-trips include horseback riding, Colorado River rafting, Hummer off-road trips, ATV trail rides, Kayaking and more.

The South Rim

The South Rim is about 250 miles from Las Vegas. There are no direct helicopter flights to the Rim. To get to Grand Canyon Airport, where all helicopter trips originate, you will need to take a tour bus, rent a car, or book a small aircraft. One-way drive time is five hours; flight by plane is 45 minutes. At the rim, you’ll board a helicopter at one of three heliports (the main operators are Papillon, Maverick, and Grand Canyon), take-off, and be over the Canyon in 5 minutes.

Helicopters are NOT allowed to land at the bottom of the South Rim. You will, however, fly through the Dragoon Corridor (the deepest part of the Canyon), as well as see Temple Butte, the Zuni Corridor, the North Rim, the Painted Desert, and the spectacular Kaibab Forest. The return trip is equally enjoyable, as you approach the South Rim and get a bird’s eye view of Grand Canyon Village.

Time, Budget, Tour Needs

Las Vegas – West Rim

This is the best option if you have limited time and need a quick daytrip. Further, it has the most additional adventure options. The Rim is a very popular trip – shop for best prices. Booking online will save you up to 40 percent. Total round-trip time is four hours, with hotel pick up and drop off. Total trip time without side-trip add-ons is four hours. Optional is driving 2.5 hours to the West Rim and starting tour there. Basic packages start between $235 and $335.

Las Vegas – South Rim

The South Rim is where the most famous pictures and images of the Canyon are shot. Round-trip time (bus-helicopter) is 15 hours, and includes hotel pick up and drop off. Lunch is included. Flight time is around 40 minutes. Depending on the operator, you will get up to 3 hours to explore Grand Canyon village and environs. Book a plane-helicopter tour and you your total trip time is 6 hours. Costs are affordable: Bus-helicopter ranges from $225 to $300. Plane-helicopter packages are around $450 per person.


Grand Canyon Helicopter tours offer you one-of-a-kind views of the Canyon. The Park is gigantic, but taking this type of tour is one of the few ways to understand its immensity. This can be achieved by flying the West Rim or South Rim. All you need to do now is determine your budget and time constraints and off you go.

Tour Options When Traveling To Beijing

If planning on touring Beijing it will greatly benefit the first time tourist visiting this region of the world to seek out one of the many tour guide services. A range of travel agencies offer comprehensive travel guides over the internet or by phone and give a range of information on the top attractions to visit on arrival.

Basically, there are two main types of Beijing tours, which can consist of the common tour bus excursions and the private tours. If looking for the budget-friendly option, you will want to research the availability of the bus tours. A well-equipped tourist bus is highly popular, offers an all-inclusive package, and will give a full tour of the local area. This is a perfect way to tour Beijing City in a friendly and relaxing environment, whilst also being in the company of tourists from all across the world.

Beyond the basic tour bus trips, you also have the option to experience a private tour, which might last for a period of 1 to 7 days and can offer a range of sight-seeing options. Even though some of these guided tours are likely to be expensive, it is often seen as the best approach to see all that Beijing has to offer. It often benefits to search for two or three companies offering private tours to enable you to compare the services side-by-side to decide which one most fits your particular needs. Key features to expect with a private tour includes a private hire vehicle and an English-speaking guide.

A well planned out tour will let the tourist visit most of the cultural and historical monuments that Beijing has to offer. One of the most well-known and significant includes the Great Wall of China, which is some 2000 years olds, and still stands in a good state of repair to this date in many areas, especially in and around Beijing City. Other destinations to enjoy on a short tour might include the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Silk Factory, and many other destinations.

Also, if visiting Beijing it will always benefit to try some of the local Chinese cuisine. A very popular dish to try in the local region is Peking Duck, which is a well-renowned dish and has been served since the imperial times. Further great dishes to taste in the area include Sichuan Smoked Duck and Lamb Hot Pot.

Gray Line Tours – See Las Vegas Attractions Like a “Local”

The best way to enjoy Las Vegas and its surrounding natural attractions is from the luxurious comfort of a Gray Line tour bus. Not only is it surprisingly affordable, but also traveling by professional motorcoach puts you in direct contact with some of the greatest landmarks known to man.

Grayline is the largest operator of sightseeing tours in the world. Formed some 90 years ago, the company runs tours and excursions in more than 150 destinations across the globe. It’s most popular tours are in Sydney, Morocco, London, Paris, Egypt, Mexico City, and Hong Kong. Famous U.S. cities include San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Hawaii.

Rounding out that list of exotic locales, of course, is Gray Line Las Vegas. Its roster of exciting luxury bus tours includes:

The Las Vegas Strip
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon West Rim (with Hualapai Skywalk)

In addition to bus trips, the company also organizes:

Boat cruises on the Lake Mead
River rafting on the mighty Colorado River
Helicopter rides
Airplane flights

The company has a policy to accommodate all travelers, including independent tourists, groups, and corporate trips. It also runs the most reliable and on-time airport transfer service (McCarran International) in Vegas.

The Gray Line tour company was started in 1910 by a young restaurateur named Louis Bush, who refurbished a Mack Truck chassis, painted it the company’s signature blue and gray colors, and began offering sightseeing tours of Washington, D.C.

The company was an instant smash with travelers. By 1926, Gray Line had grown into other key sightseeing markets, including New York, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The first international offerings appeared on the scene, too, and included Toronto and Havana, Cuba.

Immediately following World War II, Harry J Dooley, a former employee, who helped re-establish the concern’s sightseeing offering in Chicago, acquired Grayline. His success in the Windy City led him to taking the corporate helm as president, a move that solidified his reputation as the “father” of the sightseeing industry.

The increasing popularity of jet travel in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s opened up new travel destinations. Gray Line set up operations in these new locales as well, including Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The tour bus company continued to aggressively expand in the U.S.

Today, Gray Line not only offers it’s superior bus tour product, but a score of other offerings as well:

Rail tours
Escorted and guided tours
Sightseeing vacation packages (air, hotel, bus, etc.)
Multi-lingual tours
Custom group tours
Airport transfers
Convention services
Corporate trips

No matter what you sightseeing needs are, Gray Line’s got you covered. Especially as it concerns Las Vegas bus tours, the most popular of which are to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. So put the seat back and enjoy the ride. The journey has just begun.

Most Affordable San Francisco Tours

Travel & tourism in USA which was affected due to recession is just coming out of the blues. All the savings & discounts given by companies like Travelocity have revived the industry. Travel package sales & reservation info chart have indicated that the following of the top 5 holiday spots; Hawaii, Vegas, Florida, California & Texas. Exotic locales, scenic landscapes, historical significance, salubrious climate, fun-filled casinos, pro-active ambience & such favorable environs do the spade work. SF is on the tour map of the international visitors. Of late, Hollywood & its dream merchants slowly fall within the selective category.

Honeymoon couples prefer to visit Hawaii. People with wanderlust get all info from Internet regarding hotel, airline, car-rentals, package details, discount rates, travel duration, etc. Leading tourism companies like Travelocity offer online info about what all you want. Travelocity provides ample concessions & sumptuous savings.

The following tips will help reduce your expenses. You can rent a car one day. Cable cars & the Muni are other alternatives for your travel within the city. Cable cars are cheap & funny. Muni also allows you to cut the expenses with their all day pass.

Purchase a city pass. This will get you into 6 famous SF attractions. You have 9 days of fun & frolic. It includes tickets to the De Young Museum, Legion of Honor, and Aquarium of the Bay, SF Museum of Modern Art, Exploratorium, Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise, and choice of either California Academy of Sciences & Steinhart Aquarium or Asian Art Museum. The value of the pass is only $49. One more super deal is the Alcatraz & SF City Tour. Tariff is only $71 per person. The tour of Alcatraz including the ferry ride over will compensate your payment. In addition you can undertake a city tour & visit China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf, Victorian Mansions, Palace of Fine Arts, and North Beach, Presidio National Park besides marvelous views of Alcatraz & the Ocean. Tickets to Alcatraz often sell out fast. So, book in advance. You can get more discounts from the Concierge at your hotel. SF is the one of the most-visited tourist hot spots in the world with their use of cliffs & sea & fast-changing city landscapes.

City sightseeing runs SF bus tour. They arrange open top, English style double deckers. The tour guide is thoroughly professional with all the details on the fingertips. There are two tours Downtown loop tour & Golden Gate loop tour. In the second one, there are captivating visuals which tempt you to visit again. The tour bus transports you over the Golden Gate. It comes to a stop at a vista point permitting you to take snaps of the bridge. It also passes through presidio, past mansions worth of millions before reaching Fisherman’s Wharf. In the other Downtown loop tour, you can travel wherever you want. Buses run every 30 minutes. Bus stops at China Town, Union Square, Civic Center, Ferry Building, Lombard Street, and Fisherman’s Wharf & the Soma District. Lombard Street is full of curves & contours the Crookedest Street. People drive down just for the heck of it. According to the guide, China Town is the largest congregation of Chinese Restaurants & open air markets. Next in order is North Beach known for the Italian dishes. There are many Italian cafes here like Pinocchio’s.

If you buy tickets online, instead of at the City Sightseeing office, you can save atleast $3 per ticket. You can enjoy city tours with airport shuttle service which operates between San Francisco Airport & San Francisco Hotels. There is provision for high speed Internet, TV Entertainment & baby car seat. They offer one way & round trip services. If you want to visit SF city, you can avail of the joint service from SF airport shuttle & city tour with abundant discounts. This involves a ferry trip to Sausalito. You can get a bird’s eye view with this 5 hours trip & 9 stops in between. Bay area, Angel Island, Alcatraz, Sausalito, Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, Palace of Fine Arts, Nob Hill, Grey’s Cathedral, Lombard Street, GG Park, Japanese Tea Garden, Alamo Square & Cable Car Barn Museum. At Alcatraz, Bay Bridge, Angel Island from ferry, Coit tower, Sutro Tower, De Young Museum, Chrissy Field, City Hall, Conservatory of Flowers & Market Street a sumptuous food for a long-waiting glutton indeed. Book the tours atleast 48 hours in advance. Shuttle Tour Company operates 35 passenger shuttles. They also provide one day Muir Woods & Wine Country tours. One can visit Napa Winners. It includes a picnic ride over the Golden Gate Bridge & ferry bay cruise to San Francisco. Shopping at Sausalito & Golden Gate Bridge will be a fascinating experience for the tourists.